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Levitra is a drug from the cohort of phosphodiesterase type 5 inhibitors (PDE5) that are used with dizzying success to treat erectile dysfunction in the stronger sex. Staxyn is a dissolvable substitute for Levitra. What is better to choose: Levitra or Staxyn?

Features of Levitra (Vardenafil) – a Potent PDE5 Inhibitor

In today’s life, there are factors contributing to the deterioration of erectile function. These include poor ecology, hormonal disruptions, chronic illnesses, stressful situations, bad habits, such as excessive alcohol use and smoking. This list can still be continued. Fortunately, some medications can successfully cope with the problem.

Levitra is a reliable ally in the battle with male impotence. It is produced by Bayer, a German pharmaceutical behemoth. The vardenafil-HCl-based drug was released on the pharmaceutical market in 2003 (by the way, Cialis was introduced in the same year). This effective remedy for the treatment of erectile dysfunction has been proven in clinical trials to be a drug that enhances the flow of blood to the penis, promotes erection and helps to maintain it at crucial moments.

The medicine acts by inhibiting the action of PDE5 enzyme, an interferer of normal erection processes. It facilitates vessels’ dilatation and promotes blood flow in the penis.

The pill “spreads its wings” in the human body (focusing the whole set to be aligned with the requirements on the genital area) 25-60 minutes after administration, so a patient can administer it an hour or a half an hour before sex. It is to be taken orally and swallowed with a glass of water. However, it can be taken 4-5 hours before the expected coitus, the duration of the drug action is extrapolated for such a relatively long period.

To achieve the desired effect when using the medical remedy, adequate sexual stimulation is necessary. Therefore, if a man does not want sexual pleasures, he will not get the hardness of the penis. Involuntary erection after taking drugs kinda Levitra is a delusion.

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What is Staxyn?

In 2010, STAXYN swooped into the pharmaceutical market. Like its “colleague”, it was also introduced by Bayer. It contains the same form of the active ingredient, vardenafil hydrochloride (HCl), however, it features different type of administration: a man should place it under his tongue. The sublingual space is rich in capillaries, so the basic substance enters the bloodstream more quickly than it would by being absorbed inside the stomach. In medical literature and official prescribing information, the pharmaceutical is also called an ODT (“oral disintegrating tablet”).

According to the manufacturer’s claims, Staxyn provides higher systemic exposure than its older “brother”, Levitra. Hence, these two drugs cannot be considered interchangeable: 10mg of Staxyn are not equal to 10mg of the original Bayer’s drug.

The good side of this medicament is that it is packed in an attractive looking black box, which can be easily placed in the pocket. Successful design attracts many buyers. These pills really look cool. Moreover, there is no need to take the pill with water.

However, Staxyn has one principal imperfection. Its generics are not formally available, so lovers of popularly priced medications may not find a suitable option on the market. In addition, as reported by Sharon A. Huang and Janette D. Lie (Pharmacy & Therapeutics, 2013), this product isn’t recommended for male persons who are using alpha-blockers like doxazosin (Cardura, PMS-Doxazosin), prazosin hydrochloride (Minipress), and terazosin hydrochloride (Hytrin). This combination is associated with additive vasodilatory actions, which may lead to severe reduction in arterial pressure. But low doses of tableted Levitra can be used in this case (a doctor’s consultation is advised).

Levitra vs Staxyn: What is the Optimal Choice?

Essential Features Levitra Staxyn
Active component Vardenafil Vardenafil
Usual dosage 5 to 20mg/day 10mg/day
Generics There are heaps of generic versions Currently no officially available, however, some drugstores in Canada may offer Staxyn generic
Form Orange-colored, film-coated tablets White, round, dissoluble tabs
Common side effects Headaches, nasal congestion, skin flushing, nasopharyngitis (symptoms of cold), visual disturbances The product has the same side effects
Interactions Don’t combine with nitrates and potent CYP3A4 inhibitors (ketoconazole, itraconazole, indinavir, ritonavir); use with caution when taking vasodilatory drugs, antihypertensives Generally the same, but it is less preferable in case of taking alpha-blockers

Both drugs contain the same active ingredient. However, Staxyn provides more rapid release of vardenafil due to its quick-dissolving formula. It rival is more suitable for males taking α-blockers. Some males dislike swallowing pills, so they prefer more convenient (and more stylish) option. For others, vice versa, a small solid tablet is a preferential form, because a partner may notice that a man dissolves something suspicious. But ultimately the choice is a matter of taste. Make the right decisions and be healthy!

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