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Female sexual desire (libido) is a woman’s ability to experience sexual ‘hunger’, the ability to achieve and receive a full spectrum of sensations from orgasm, the need for a sexual life. Translated from Latin “libido” means desire, striving, attraction, and lust.

Causes of Low Libido in Women

There are no definite standards in terms of the frequency of sexual intercourse. For some, sex is needed every other day, but for someone once a month is enough. Everything depends on the temperament and needs of everyone. In this regard, everyone has their own ‘norms’.

Both in women and men, there are many factors on which the level of sexual desire will depend.

First and foremost, levels of different hormones in the body may lead to a decrease in libido. It has been noticed that sexual desire is weakened in women with some thyroid diseases. With a deficiency or excess of these hormones, the body gets a kind of constant stress. Frequent mood changes and other symptoms that appear with hypo- or hyperthyroidism overshadow the need for intimacy.

During menopause, estrogen levels decrease, which causes frequent hot flashes and vaginal dryness. Some women experience worsening of the psycho-emotional state. All of these changes can also reduce sex drive, arousal, and pleasant sensations from intercourse.

Testosterone is also present in the female body. Reducing the level of this hormone in women decreases the need for sex. But this is more a natural process and is associated with aging, although scientists have proven that testosterone production may have a seasonal character. Total T decreases in the spring-summer period and increases from November to April.

The most common and frequent causes of decreased libido in women include frequent stressful situations, lack of confidence in oneself and one’s partner, fatigue, and overwork. When a woman completely trusts her partner, feels protection, support and love from him, then she does not even think about giving up physical intimacy, unless this is due to poor health. If such harmony in life and relationships does not exist, then over time, interest and need for intimacy with the person who caused your resentment and disappointment is lost.

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In addition, factors causing reducing sexual desire include the use of certain drugs: contraceptives, antidepressants, anticonvulsants, narcotic analgesics, which have side effects associated with sex. This is because these drugs can constrict blood vessels, alter hormone levels, and have a sedative effect (depending on what you are taking).

Another reason for a decrease in libido in women can be chronic infectious and gynecological diseases, heart and kidney failure, and other health disorders.

How to Treat this Condition?

Sometimes a decrease in libido can be observed temporarily and sexual desire reappears when the stressful condition passes; the woman regains calmness and confidence, everything is fine at home and at work. But if it happens that a woman loses interest in sex, her life is filled with problems that prevent her from relaxing and she is worried about such a turn of events, then she cannot cope with the problem without the help of a specialist. 

If you are associating a decrease in libido with any disease, then you need to first consult a family physician, who will prescribe treatment for you on their own or refer you to a narrowly focused specialist, if necessary. If everything is ok with your physical health, then you need psychological help. To do this, you need to contact a psychotherapist, in some cases even together with your partner. After all, it often happens that our problems exist only in our head and negatively affect the quality of life.

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