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Have you begun to doubt your masculine abilities in the bedchamber? Problems can be the result of an unbalanced diet, which led to a malfunction in your body. This most often happens with men 40+, but the problem is solvable. Besides pharmacological support, it is important to adjust your diet by including products to increase libido and erection. Do not worry, it is tasty, healthy, and you do not have to starve.

The Basic Rules of Proper Nutrition

We need an individual diet, depending on the severity of the problem. Someone really has it, but someone wants to prevent it in advance and review their nutrition for prevention. Every man has an established nutritional schedule and his own lifestyle. This should be considered by a nutritionist. But with any diet, you will need to follow certain rules so that it has the expected effect.

  1. Tell your nutritionist if you are undergoing treatment with medications during this period. This is necessary in order to exclude products incompatible with some drugs (for example, grapefruit should not be consumed with antibiotics, it neutralizes them; in addition, it shouldn’t be combined with PDE5 inhibitors).
  2. Try to find the middle ground. Servings of food should not be microscopic. It is harmful to starve in this case, as the body must have enough strength to recover. But too much food is undesirable — excess weight would decrease erection.
  3. Do not interrupt the diet after you notice an improvement in the situation. It is more reasonable in your case to continue to eat according to this scheme on an ongoing basis, continuing to consume products that are beneficial to men’s health for preventive purposes.

What Nutrients are Good for Improving an Erection?

The diet should contain daily intake of substances necessary for the body.

  1. Zinc. Increases the production of sex hormones, helps fight infectious diseases that lower erections. It is contained in kelp, squid, river fish, pumpkin seeds, asparagus, celery.
  2. Carotene. Strengthens the immune system, increases sex drive. It is needed for a good erection and is useful in the treatment and prevention of prostatitis. Products with carotene are orange or red in color. These are pumpkin, carrots, tomatoes, apricots.
  3. Fiber. This is a great nutrient for accelerating metabolic processes in the body, which is beneficial in the treatment of sexual dysfunction. It is contained in apples, bran, cabbage, greens, berries.
  4. Glycine, threonine, tyrosine, histidine. These substances are needed to produce testosterone, which affects the quality of erection and ejaculation. In particular, they are contained in quail eggs. If possible, consume them raw, without cooking, so as not to deprive of beneficial properties.

How to Enrich your Diet for Better Confidence in Bed?


Me need this fish. It contains vitamin D, which increases the blood testosterone content. There is evidence of a positive effect of eating tuna on the DNA molecules contained in semen.

Red Grapes

It contains resveratrol which increases increasing the activity of childbearing fluid by improving sperm motility.

Nuts and Avocados

The body needs fats of plant origin as a replacement for ‘heavy’ fats, which might lead to blockage of blood vessels. Such fats are found in avocados and nuts.


Studies have shown that 47% of men who consume pomegranate juice daily noted a significant improvement in potency. But it is importantly to consume fresh pomegranate juice, not canned.


It contains several substances which positively affect the movement of sperm to the egg and preserves the energy resources of the body.


Boron and nitric oxide, which are contained in honey, may significantly boost blood flow. Every day you need to eat a teaspoon of the product for prevention purposes (unless you have allergy to it).


Milk protein is a source of testosterone. It is necessary to enhance the growth of the muscle system and excretion of the female hormone estrogen from the body, which appears in men with age and due to excessive beer consumption.


Three eggs are a daily norm that cannot harm the heart and blood vessels with excess cholesterol. Egg white is the material needed for sperm formation.

What Products are Contraindicated?

If you want to fix erection problems with the help of diet, you must understand that you have to abandon bad products. Let’s switch to the list of junk food.

  1. Fatty meat. It may provoke cholesterol deposit formation in the heart and blood vessels, disrupt blood flow, and consequently cause problems with potency. Better to avoid or minimize it in your diet and replace it with a boiled or baked poultry and / or lean fish.
  2. Lots of spices. Excessive consumption of spicy and salty foods may lead to a decrease in erection.
  3. Beer and soda. Scientists have proven that these products reduce libido.
  4. Steroids which are used off-label (and bought illegally).

Now you know how to adjust your nutrition in order to strengthen your erection. Choosing t healthy nutrition, you can boost your sexual function and improve your overall health without medications (or with minimal use of erection pills). Healthy lovelife is within reach – if you want it.

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