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Erectile dysfunction is a man’s inability to achieve an erection during sexual stimulation. There is any number of reasons for physical impotence and all can be treated effectively and successfully. There is another reason for erectile dysfunction and it is called psychological impotence.

Psychological impotence

Psychological impotence is when a man can achieve an erection, but loses it under stress. This also called performance anxiety and it is a very common form of erectile dysfunction. It can be extremely embarrassing and lead to feelings of inadequacy. It can be caused by stress and anxiety. Perhaps men are worried about their relationship or the level of satisfaction they can deliver to their partner. It is a solvable problem, but until the solution is achieved, the penis pays the price.


Psychological impotence can also be brought about by negative thought and include:

  • “What if my partner thinks my penis is too small?”
  • “What if I can’t perform to may partner’s satisfaction?”
  • “What if I cannot deliver an orgasm to my partner?”

At the jackpot hour, it is thoughts like this that will render a penis useless as it deflates before it rings the bell.

Methods to remedy ED

There are methods to remedy this type of erectile dysfunction. Negative thoughts come from lack of confidence and the number one task on the list is to build confidence. The source of stress and anxiety has to be identified and dealt with rather than pushing them aside and hoping they go away. Sometimes seeking professional help is necessary to address the negative issues that lead to psychological sexual dysfunction. There is nothing wrong with seeking help for such issues.

Canadian Viagra


Part of the recommended treatment for such issues and erectile dysfunction is to use Canadian Viagra to help get sexual activity back on track. It is only part of the solution and not the ultimate solution, so men should not be too quick to set emotional and psychological problems aside and think the little blue pill can solve it all. Read the author story about “how i bought canadian viagra“.

Canada Viagra, in this case, is the confidence builder some men need in order to bring sexual satisfaction to their partner. The ingredients in generic Viagra work to relax the penis muscles and open up the blood carrying veins to carry more blood and generate a better and harder erection. A lot of those negative thoughts and questions will be vanquished with the little blue pill, but remember to keep in mind, it is only part of the solution.

Your LifeStyle

There may also be health related reasons for erectile dysfunction. It is important to consider health, or lack of health, as part of the problem and if issues exist, they must be addressed as well. Lifestyle also plays a part in the overall picture of erectile dysfunction. A man who does not feel good about himself will be in no position to make his partner feel better. Making a few lifestyle changes such as a better diet, more exercise or to eliminate or cut down on smoking and alcohol will go a long way to be being a better sexual human being.

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