Penegra is a popular generic version of well-known Viagra. It promotes blood flow in the penis causing healthy erection. The producer of the medicament is Cipla – a famous Indian pharmaceutical company.

Why is Penegra better than Viagra?

Official producers of the original drug sell it at an unreasonably high price, which may be unaffordable for many patients. Penegra is much cheaper, as it is a generic version of the drug. That is, its manufacturers do not spend a lot of money on testing, researching, and advertising. They just make this powerful medication and sell it at a low price. Nevertheless, the effect of Penegra does not absolutely differ from that of original Viagra, because both drugs contain the same active substance (sildenafil).

Is it For Me?

If you are suffering from erection problems, Penegra is definitely for you. This drug provides a quick effect at the right time. You will be able to enjoy sex life again and your self-confidence will be increased (if you have troubles with this). The drug is counter indicated for individuals under 18 and patients suffering from severe liver/kidney conditions, exacerbation of ulcer and some other diseases.

It’s important: don’t self-diagnose and self-medicate yourself. Only canadian healthcare professionals can estimate your health condition and prescribe the medicine. Using the drug as a self-medication method or just “for fun” may lead to negative consequences. 

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How do I choose the right dosage?

There are two dosages Penegra comes in: 50 mg and 100 mg. You shouldn’t choose a dose of the product on your own. You have to do it together with your doctor after his performing the necessary diagnostics. The most typical dosage is 50mg, which is usually prescribed “by default”. In severe cases of erectile dysfunction, or if a low dosage does not give the desired effect, a man can switch to a 100mg dosage (with doctor’s permission).

How do I take Penegra?

Take Penegra 30-60 min before the alleged sexual intercourse, washing it down with water. Do not chew the pill or break it. You can take the pill with food or on an empty stomach, but avoid eating very fatty foods, since they can delay the onset of the effect of the drug. The duration of Penegra action is 4 to 6 hours (up to 12 hours in some males).

What are the mechanisms behind Penegra?

If you read the official instructions for the use of Penegra, the mechanisms of action of the drug may seem complicated, but this is not true. The medication works by suppressing PDE5 enzyme that makes erections flaccid (PDE5 inhibits cGMP substance necessary for relaxation of arteries). Under the influence of the drug, the penis fills with blood via arteries and gains a possibility to keep it for a long time. As a result, a penile erection occurs. It is worth noting that hardening of the penis is possible only if a man experiences a sexual attraction to his partner. That is, taking the drug does not lead to an involuntary erection.

What is Penegra uptake time?

According to the study by Eardley I. et al (2002), the average time to onset penile erections was 27 minutes (in 12–70 min range) after administering sildenafil 50mg. Therefore, in most males the effect occurs approximately 30 min after swallowing the tablet. As we have mentioned, high-fat food may delay the onset of action.

How efficient is Penegra?

Sildenafil, the main component of Penegra, has shown great effectiveness. According to studies, 50mg of sildenafil was effective in 80% of cases, while 100mg helped 85% of males who took the drug. So most likely the drug will help you. If not, in most cases, adjusting the dosage eliminates the problem.

Does Penegra have any side effects?

Any pharmaceutical agent may cause adverse events. Sildenafil isn’t an exception.

Here is the list of possible side effects of Penegra:

  • headache;
  • pain in muscles and spine;
  • dyspepsia and feeling of discomfort in stomach;
  • tinnitus;
  • blurred vision, seeing items in green and blue tints;
  • flushing;
  • priapism (the condition when the penis becomes erected and painful for a long time, at least for 4 hours).

However, the mentioned adverse effects (especially severe ones) are rare.

Following instructions for use and recommendations of your doctor, you’ll minimize the risk if their occurrence.

Any essential tips on Penegra use?

  1. It is not recommended to combine Penegra with alcohol. If you cannot stick to this advice, take 1-2 drinks (for example, 2 glasses of red wine), not more.
  2. Also, you shouldn’t eat grapefruit and any products based on this fruit. Grapefruit contains a substance that inhibits the activity of enzyme responsible for processing and excreting pharmaceutical agents from the body. As a result, sildenafil as absorbed in the blood current very quickly creating high concentrations of the drug in plasma. This increases the risk of adverse events occurrence.
  3. Penegra mustn’t be administered if you take nitrates (drugs that are often used as a treatment of angina). Both sildenafil and nitrates can lower arterial pressure. Simultaneous use of these drugs can lead to a rapid drop in pressure causing severe negative consequences (even lethal cases are known).
  4. Don’t exceed a recommended dosage of Penegra, as it can lead to overdosing resulting in side effects in a more severe form.
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