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ADV Pharmacy service works since 2000. This means that Canadians can get the cheapest medications making an order from any convenient to them place. Staying at home or just relaxing in a café any client of this Canadian pharmacy can pick a needed drug or a supplement online and “send” it to the basket. The chosen medical stuff will be sent to him fast and safe. The legal Canadian prescription for the medication will be given as well.

Tracking any order online

All clients can easily track online their orders. Friendly stuff of this Canadian pharmacy online helps each customer, who asks his questions concerning the medication’s usage, its contraindications. The best specialists working 24/7 online always stay in contact with each one, who needs any recommendation as well, including the service of the drugstore.

Privileges for registered customers

Visiting advpharmacy(dot)com each Canadian has the greatest choice of picking popular brand medications and their cheaper generics. The site deals with 20 000 health and medical products. Any site’s visitor can order the needed medication, including popular antidepressants and ED drugs. However, all registered customers have more privileges.

They are:

  • Bigger discounts for the chosen medical products, especially for non-prescription medications;
  • Keeping all records about previous orders that makes the re-order process faster;
  • Shipping the order to any address of the buyer;
  • Fast and efficient service of refilling reminding;
  • 24/7 support of each clients and chat with them.

The medications delivery

According to positive Canadian pharmacy reviews, 95% of this drugstore customers love the fastest and the cheapest delivery of the ordered stuff. Each drugstore’s client can check online charges for shipping. Additionally, the information about each customer remains confidential. It means that any person, who wants to stay anonymous when ordering a certain medication, can use exactly ADV drugstore’s services. The greatest Canadian pharmacy rating and its high reputation lets the clients trusting the site and its service. Working on the market of healthcare products and medications, the drugstore has got thousands of registered customers regularly using its service.

Contacts with clients

The drugstore’s specialists always call each client when he makes an order online. It never matters whether the customer orders any supplement, healthcare stuff, OTC medication, generic product. The service can also contact with the buyers via email. Vice versa, the customers are welcome to contact the ADV drugstore workers each time they need to get the details concerning their order, including delivery information.

Privacy and safety

When a registered customer leaves his personal information online, it is used exclusively to create his account. No third persons ever get any info about the pharmacy’s buyers. Each client of this ADV drugstore online feels 100% safe and anonymous when he makes any order, contacts with the service of the drugstore and makes his calls. Being a client of this convenient, reliable and trusted pharmacy means always having an excellent chance of getting any needed medication cheaper and faster.

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