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PriceProPharmacy is a unique online Canadian drugstore that offers original medications and their generics for lower prices. The company ships the chosen health prescribed products and OTC stuff to Canadians and Americans. The pharmacy has two physical addresses in both countries. In case the patient wants asking any question concerning drugs and pills, he/she can use the addresses that can be found on pricepropharmacy com site or call 1-855-776-0079 (all calls are not paid).


The main goal

Its goal is to let people stay healthy without paying much money for it.

Therefore, coming to its site, you can always type in the search line the name of your drug.

As the result you will get several variants — the original stuff (usually made in the USA, Canada, Turkey, Europe) or its generic product, often manufactured in India. The second variant is always cheaper, which never means that its quality does not meet international standards. It will be the same high-quality product.

Flex Rx program

Using Flex Rx program, this pharmacy sufficiently reduces the prices for all medical and health products. This is the perfect program to let the patient picking his own, most convenient for him, way to pay for the chosen drugs. The patient can pay for his medications in 3 months. It helps the pharmacy’s customers making additional savings. Pay half of the price for your medication during the first month after the order is done. The rest half of the price can be paid during 2 next months.

For instance, you order some medication for $100 on May, 1. Here your payment scheme will be as follows. You pay $9.95 for the delivery and $50 in May. Close to June you pay $25, and at the end of this month or on July, 1 you pay the rest $25.

As you see, it is very convenient and easy. Besides all of this, the ordered product will be delivered to the place where you live or work (choose any option).

NB! Remember that this program won’t work with some medications. Check it at pricepropharmacy com!


Besides cheap generics the pharmacy offers its clients discounted medication. You can find prescribed drugs with 80% off! The patient can always refill the prescription online — this option and service is free. To use it, register at the site (do not forget providing your real name and address), pick the “re-order” option, and checkout. The process can be simplified — just make a call (the phone is above). The medical specialist who will answer you will help you.

International connections

Located in British Columbia, Canada, this online drugstore cooperates with the other countries and gets inexpensive medications and products for health from them.

For instance PriceProPharmacy makes business with several European countries such as Germany and UK, Australia, India, New Zealand and Turkey.

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