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What are you looking for when you are searching certain medications? What are your criteria of picking the place to order this stuff at?

Naturally, most of us t will give the following answer:

  • The pharmacy accessibility;
  • The price;
  • Reliability;
  • Convenience;
  • Additional options (bonuses, discounts, sales, etc.)

Drugstore Unlimited is the recourse that has collected all the information about pharmacies and their products. Just visit www.drugstoreunlimited(dot)com, learn where you wish ordering your health product, leave on the site the required information, and save additional money!

Canadian MedStore for each one

Although this Canadian MedStore is not a traditional or online pharmacy, it is the best place, where you can buy your prescribed medications. Without wasting time for visiting local drugstores or seeking for the cheapest pharmacies on the web, dial the free telephone number (you will find the list of these numbers on the site, in the section “How to order”), send the prescription using your email or fax and wait for the medical product. It will be delivered to you in the shortest period of time.

Calling any of these numbers, you can also feel free asking about anything concerning your medical insurance. The Canadian MedStore specialists work without days-off.

What will you need?

Before making a call or an order, just be sure that you have got all the needed stuff.

Check if the following things are at hand:

  • All useful and exact information about your prescription;
  • The name of your doctor and all information about this specialist you have;
  • Personal data, including your ID and bate of birth;
  • Credit card you use (valid and not expired).

International activity

The international activity of the company started in 2003. The Canadian MedStore deals not only with customers from the USA and Canada, but with clients from overseas. The company gets supplies from the United Kingdom, New Zealand, Australia, Germany, India and Turkey.

Real professionalism

Each one, who works in the company, is a high-level professional in his field. Drugstore Unlimited cooperates also with the best medical specialists from abroad.


Each one, who is interested in purchasing cheap and high-quality medication, can make a call or personally come to any of six locations of the company (all of them are in Florida).

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