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We are happy to welcome you at the Drug Store, an Online Canadian Pharmacy where we sell generic and brand name medicines of top quality. Here you have the perfect opportunity to buy any prescription or non-prescription drug at a low price and receive the best service available. We offer no prescription drugs for chronically ill patients, wellness and lifestyle product, antibiotics, psychotics, birth control medical preparation, and also top Generic Drugs like Viagra, Cialis, Levitra, Propecia. You can trust the quality and the cost of our produts to be balanced perfectly! We also offer several delivery options you can choose from depending on your general preferences, the point of destination and any other factors that may be relevant for you. The orders you make through our site are one hundred per cent secure, with no chance of any outsider finding access to your private medical information. Our customer support staff are available 24/7 in case you need assistance on any stage of the ordering process. You can track the progress of your order easily through the site or by contacting the manager in charge of your order directly.

You must already know that there is a vast number of online pharmacies all over the ‘Net, and many of them also offer low prices and discount systems. However, the quality of the medications many of them sell is dramatically different from the heartfelt descriptions their catalogues offer. Here at our American online pharmacy without prescription we would not dream of cheating our customers like that! We encourage you to try our services once and find out for yourself just how good our products are. Stay confident that we only work with the best manufacturers in the field and will discard any drug that proves to be unsafe or uneffective as soon as we receive the necessary information. We do our best to maintain personal contact with our customers because we care about your health and well-being first and foremost. Every member of the Drug Store staff understands how important it is for sick people to maintain high spirits and positive attitude, so here you will always find kindness, compassion, friendly support, and answers to any question you may have.

When checking our catalogue, you will see prices stated clearly by every product title. No doubt, you will immediately see that they are considerably lower than you can hope to see at your local drug store or hospital pharmacy. Do not expect them to change, except for the better! These prices are not influenced by any discount, though the customers that stay with us for a long time or order big amounts of medications at once will surely save extra money. We only add a minimal percentage to the manufacturer prices and have a moderate delivery charge, as well. As we value our clients’ physical and emotional health above all, we make ourselves fully aware of all the financial complications that often go with certain medical conditions. We would never want to add to them! Many online pharmacies drive up the cost of the products they sell as it is known how much time you can save by ordering no prescription drugs online. Nevertheless, here at no prescription online pharmacy we firmly believe that by using our services the customers should save money, too. This is why we make a point of keeping our price at a level where anyone can easily pay for the medications we sell.

The doors of our canadian Online Pharmacy are always open for you! Here you can make your order with extreme ease and rightfully expect to receive the very best services and products in existance. If you have absolutely any trouble with our store, contact our customer support whenever it is convenient for you. Be sure that our managers will be happy to solve your problems so that you get the most benefit.

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