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Men and women should take care of their sexual health. Sometimes it is enough to be vigilant and careful for to ensure safe sex. In some cases, a man cannot do without special medications. What are erectile dysfunction drugs capable of and how are they related to sexually transmitted diseases?

Can Erectile Dysfunction Drugs Cure/Treat Sexually Transmitted Diseases?

Erectile dysfunction is not sexually transmitted. Its treatment is associated with a set of measures. Symptomatic therapy with PDE5 inhibitors is the most popular method. Using these medicines for other purposes can have unexpected negative consequences.

Such diseases as HIV infection, genital herpes, hepatitis B and C, human papilloma virus, cytomegalovirus, and so on can be sexually transmitted. Their treatment can be lengthy and difficult. If any of these diseases weakens an erection, then an additional intake of tablets containing sildenafil, tadalafil or vardenafil is possible. For this reason, some people mistakenly think that such drugs help in the fight against STDs. But it is not so.

Do not self-medicate, only a qualified doctor can choose the right medicine for you.

Can Erectile Dysfunction Drugs Protect Against Sexually Transmitted Diseases?

Having sex safely means that you have to be careful–responsibly choose a partner and use a condom. This cannot provide a 100% guarantee of safety, but the chances of getting infected are minimized.

A man who improves his erection with the help of special medications (Viagra, Cialis, etc.) should not neglect his sexual safety. PDE-5 inhibitors are responsible for normalizing the blood supply to the tissues of the penis and do not create any barrier for disease cells. Scientists do not claim any connection between taking pills for erectile dysfunction and sexual transmission of diseases (moreover, some studies have shown that intake of Viagra by some population categories may increase their risk of catching STDs). Therefore, the joy of a great erection should not cloud the common sense.

Risks of Using Erectile Dysfunction Drugs

As noted above, effective erectile dysfunction treatment can increase your risk of contracting sexually transmitted diseases. This is due to a psychological factor, because a man who has regained the ability to have an active sex life can increase the number of sexual encounters. It is unlikely that he wants to enjoy a quality erection alone. Banal statistics turn into the enemy of a too zealous man. The more partners, the more chances of being infected.

Sometimes men try to get the most out of the positive effects of the pills. This forces them to ignore banal precautions.

Improved blood circulation in the pelvic organs can also play a cruel joke when neglecting sexual health. If the disease-causing cells enter the body, their subsequent spread can be accelerated.

If you experience severe side effects from PDE5 inhibitors, you should stop taking them. Otherwise, a medication can negatively affect your body in general. Weak immunity is a tidbit for sexually transmitted diseases. But with the normal course of treatment for ED, a man should not worry about such diseases. A responsible approach to sex life can minimize risks.

If you are undergoing treatment for a sexually transmitted disease, you should inform your healthcare professional about your ED medication. This will allow the specialist to exclude incompatible substances that reduce the effectiveness of therapy. In other cases, the correctly chosen symptomatic treatment of erectile dysfunction should bring only positive emotions.

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