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Decreased potency in men is, to put it mildly, not a very pleasant situation. For most males, this can be the beginning of more serious problems with self-perception, in addition to existing health problems. It is not fatal, but it greatly changes the quality of life of a man. It is important not to panic so as not to worsen the condition.

However, when this happens, such a condition can be effectively treated with the right approach to solve the problem. Currently, there are drugs on the market that allow a man to feel more confident again and symptomatically solve erectile dysfunction. They belong to PDE5 inhibitors. Let’s consider two drugs from this group: sildenafil and tadalafil.

Similarities of Sildenafil and Tadalafil

Their purpose and mechanism of action are the same: these are medications to improve and prolong erections for healthy sexual intercourse. The mechanism of action of these drugs is to relax the muscle fibers of the penis, which increases blood flow to the pelvic organs, resulting in an erection, with additional stimulation of the penis.

Now let’s find out the differences that these drugs have.

Mode of Administration and Duration of Action

Tadalafil should be taken orally, regardless of food intake. The recommended dose is 20 or 10 mg, 30-45 minutes before the planned sexual intercourse. The effect of the medication lasts up to 36 hours. To get a more pleasant experience, it is sometimes possible to take 40 mg of tadalafil, but then keep in mind that this dose can be used once every 2-3 days. In addition, this dosage, despite the fact that it is offered by some manufacturers, is not recommended by the initial producer, as the maximum recommended one is 20 mg.

Sildenafil (like tadalafil) is used to treat erectile dysfunction, but has a number of differences. To achieve an erection, sildenafil is taken 0,5-1 hour before probable sexual intercourse, and to receive the fastest effect, it is strongly recommended to take it on an empty stomach or before/after eating a light meal. Fatty foods may reduce the absorption of the drug, which delays onset of effect. Duration of action of the medication is 4 hours.

If you have a painful or prolonged erection while using erection stimulants, contact a doctor immediately.

Can You Take Sildenafil and Tadalafil Together?

An important point: each of these drugs should be taken separatel and in the recommended doses. They should not be combined and enhanced with other drugs to increase potency. Overdose and uncontrolled use of medications of this group can cause heart attack, stroke and even death. Be sure to read the instructions for use before using any of these medications.

So, What’s the Difference?

Therefore, the differences between these meds are as follows: they contain different active substances that feature the same mode of action but different duration of effect. Tadalafil acts faster and longer, while sildenafil is longer activated in the body and its effect is shorter. Therefore, the choice of drug will depend on the situation, health status, the presence of comorbidities and the doctor’s recommendations.

Are There Any Side Effects?

All drugs to improve erection have a number of side effects and warnings. The most common adverse events include headache, dizziness, vertigo; palpitations, pain in the heart, changes in blood pressure; disorders of the gastrointestinal tract; back and limb pain; visual disturbances and swelling of the eyelids; allergic reactions; sweating and hot flashes. Caution should be exercised in patients with diabetes mellitus, chronic kidney and liver disease, and cardiovascular diseases.

The list of all possible side effects suggests that self-medication can be dangerous to health. In order not to harm yourself and choose the right drug for your condition, be sure to consult a doctor or pharmacist. This article is not a recommendation for treatment, it is for informational purposes only.

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