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When you order medications through Canada Drug Stop, your prescriptions are filled by licensed Canadian pharmacists after review by a licensed Canadian physician. The medications dispensed by the licensed pharmacy are of the highest quality and are manufactured under stringent Canadian regulations (the same quality as you would receive in the USA).

The low professional fees charged by the dispensing pharmacy are included in the posted drug prices. There are no hidden fees for American consumers.

At Canada Drug Stop we provide you a way to save up to 85% on your prescription medications. Medications will be shipped right to your door within 7 – 10 business days by the pharmacy.


Broad assortment

5.7 /10

Payment Methods

8.1 /10

Delivery speed

5.2 /10


4.7 /10

Website usability

6.4 /10

Customer support

7.8 /10


6.1 /10


  • Secure payment
  • Brand/generic


  • No moneyback
  • No live support
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