Generic Ramipiril Vs Altace – IACOPh Ratings & Reviews

It is mandatory that all generic medications undergo some tests in order to compare them with brand-name medications. The FDA or The U.S. Food and Drug Administration will then come to a conclusion if these generics are as good as the brand-name medications, after which they will give it a rating. The ‘AB’ rating only means that the generic medication is found to be equivalent to the brand-name medication and approved by the FDA. Presently, all the generic ramipril versions come with the ‘AB’ rating and this indicates that they are equivalent to Buy Altace online.

Generic medications are permitted to have different types of inactive ingredients which may include dyes or fillers as well as other components which may cause allergies in people who have a history of allergies or sensitivity to such ingredients. However, the same is not allowed in brand-name medication.

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