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Canada Prescription Plus is a marketing and administrative company that provides the service of connecting consumers with licensed pharmacies. We are based in St. Albert, Alberta, Canada. While we are not a pharmacy, we pledge to uphold the stringent standards for safety and excellence of the Canadian pharmaceutical industry.

Stay Healthy with this Drugstore Service

Although Canada Prescriptions Plus is not the drugstore, its specialists and best professionals with medical education offer the customers the services that the other pharmacies offer. When you come to its site, you’ll get that although it is located in Canada, Surrey, clients that live overseas can also order their medications and health products there. It never matters, if the client lives in Turkey, India, New Zealand or United States — the closest to Canada country. The ordered drugs will be always delivered to him in time, and the package won’t be damaged.

No narcotics and no seductive drugs

Canada Prescriptions Plus sells cheap and high-quality medications, but it will never have any deal with narcotics and seductive drugs. Naturally, the stuff won’t sell to the client any medication, when the patient has no prescription for it or when this product is illegal.

Cheaper generics and popular medications

This pharmacy offers Canadians and patients leaving overseas ordering there less expensive medications that they can get in their local drugstore. No need to pay much more and stay in line in your pharmacy, when you can dial this service and ask it if the needed medication is on sale and what is its price. Buying there generic products, you save up to 80%! Just imagine how great will it be for your budget, when you take some medications regularly. These savings will be simply outstanding!

Confidence and safety

Although you leave your contact information when you register in this Canadian pharmacy, it never means that the drugstore service will share it with somebody else. Only medical specialists, who can also refill your prescriptions, know it. The stuff your order is always packed into sealed package.

Contacting the pharmacy

Do it any day, coming to canadaprescriptionsplus(dot)com and asking online the questions that interest you. You can also call 1-866-779-XXXX (do not hesitate calling the drugstore 24/7). Besides it, you may always download there the ordered forms free.

Remember that all medications are sent packed and only in the quantities, shown at the package. Stay healthy!

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