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Treatment of erectile dysfunction involves taking some medications. There are different pharmaceuticals on the market, not only oral ones. Some medicines are designed to directly affect the pelvic organs, including the penis. Such targeting is possible due to direct shot with the drug. Caverject and Edex are popular anti-ED injections that are popular with men. Are there any differences between them? What medication to choose?

Caverject and Edex: Key Features

These injectable agents are designed for providing direct and rapid effect inside the cavernous bodies of the penis. They contain the same active ingredient (alprostadil). This is a synthetic substitute for prostaglandin E1 featuring vasodilating properties. It has various pharmacological effects. The most important ones include:

  • vasodilation
  • inhibition of platelet aggregation
  • suppression of gastric juice secretion
  • stimulation of smooth muscles of the intestines and uterus

When the alprostadil enters to the penis tissues, it exerts an inhibitory effect on α1-adrenergic receptors. The substance relaxes the muscles of the cavernous body. It also enhances local blood flow. An erection occurs after relaxation of the trabecular smooth musculature of the cavernous structures. Increase in cavernous arteries’ volume also matters. A prolonged erection is possible due to the expansion of lacunar spaces and the closure of blood flow. That’s why venules are pressed to the protein membrane. A venule means a small blood vessel involved in microcirculation.

Way of Administration

Caverject and Edex are available in the form of a lyophilisate for solution preparation. Patients should use only the original solvent, which is supplied by the manufacturer. Typically, this is sterile special water for injection. Companies producing Caverject and Edex have made sure that patients can expect the best possible experience. They don’t waste time in searching for solvents.

As for dosage, a healthcare professional should prescribe it, as only medical workers necessary knowledge. Typically, the initial dose is 5 mcg of alprostadil. There are the following Edex dosages: 5, 10 or 20 mcg, whileCaverject is usually available in 20-mcg or 40-mcg doses.

Dosages may depend on the characteristics of the body of a particular man, and you can inject a fewer quantity like 2.5 mcg. Sometimes it is necessary to adjust the dose during the therapy. For example, increase, in the absence of effect, or decrease, in case of prolonged erection, i.e. more than 1-2 hours.

A ready-to-use suspension is carefully injected directly into the cavernous body of the penile organ. Needle in a syringe or injector may be used for that and it is advisable to entrust the administration of the first injection to a doctor. He / she will show all the features of injecting the substance and show the proper procedure.

Both drugs cannot be used daily. The permissible limit is 3 times a week.

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Side effects

Caverject and Edex have potential side effects. They might be caused by the effect of alprostadil on the body.

The most common side effects include:

  • headache
  • nasal congestion
  • cough
  • hematoma at the injection site

Rare but possible side effects:

  • arterial hypotension
  • pain in the back or lower extremities
  • fibrosis of the penis

Cardinal Differences

The most important difference between the drugs is obvious. They are made by different manufacturers under different brands. Companies may apply various technological solutions. Nevertheless, the final product is as unique as possible.

Caverject manufacturers declare that the beneficial effect of the injection occurs within 5-10 minutes. The claimed action onset of Edex is between 5 and 20 minutes. We can assume that Edex works somewhat slower.

However, such differences may be leveled due to the individual perception (tolerance). Moreover, studies have shown the peak effect of alprostadil occurs 30 minutes after administration, regardless of manufacturer.

Oddly enough, the drugs have some differences in the mode of administration. Edex is sold with a special injector that makes it easy to mix the cartridge with the active substance and with the solvent, as well as carry out the procedure comfortably. This does not change the injection nature of the drug. The convenience of using different types of injectors is based only on the subjective perception of men.

Caverject vs Edex: What to Choose?

Usually the most serious and difficult decision is to choose between several drug forms. These may be tablets, urethral suppositories, and injections. If you decide that you need injectable form, the choice of brand name is not crucial.

Both Caverject and Edex treat the same condition. They function identically. If you are not ready to give preference to a particular brand, adhere to the recommendations of your doctor. The specialist will be able to take into account your individual characteristics for the most effective therapy.

You can buy injections in regular brick-and-mortar pharmacies or via the Internet in trusted webshops. Depending on the vendor and country of residence, Caverject and Edex prices may vary significantly. If the cost is decisive factor for you, choose the friendliest option for your family budget. But the price should not be the principal factor when making the decision.

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