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Blue Sky Drugs is known not only in the territory of Canada, but in other countries of the world as a provider of affordable Rx and OTC medicines. Physically, the company is registered and located in Canada, British Columbia province.

But in fact, it is not just a Canadian pharmacy, but an international organization having partners in the US, Turkey, Singapore, Mauritius and so on. It supplies inexpensive drugs from large manufacturers in different countries and delivers them almost to any region.

As a major medications retailer, blueskydrugs(dot)com operates under licenses issued by the College of Pharmacists in British Columbia. It is also a verified member of the Canadian department of IPA (International Pharmacy Association). It evidences the highest level of reliability and trustfulness. All the medications are sold by Blue Sky Drugs legally and in full compliance with existing laws.

If you read any Canadian pharmacy review, you’ll see that many of them specialize in generic drugs sale.

You may wonder why they opt for generics. The answer is simple. The price for brand-name products (not only medications) is always overcharged. In fact, every time, buying such a product, you are paying not only for the products itself, but for its name, i.e. for emptiness. It is justified in case with clothes, for example, – a label of the famous brand can cost more that the item of clothes itself, but real fashionistas are ready to pay for it. But when it comes to drugs, people don’t care of the brand name. They don’t care of the beautiful package with hologram or nice logo of the manufacturer on a pill. All they want is to be healthy. And nobody wants to pay for emptiness.

Reasons for the popularity of generics drugs in the Canadian pharmacy online:

  • generics are affordable, because customers pay only for the product, not for the name;
  • generics have exactly the same efficiency as their expensive analogues;
  • the pharmacy deals directly with manufacturers buying medicines in bulk at very low prices. So the cost for end customers is low too.

Blue Sky Drugs sells only drugs of high quality from certified manufacturers. According to customers’ estimates, the Canadian pharmacy rating is close to the top. Its services are especially demanded in the US, where prices for many crucially important drugs are too high, and generics are often not available in offline pharmacies because of major monopolists’ domination. For many Americans this Canadian pharmacy becomes the only place where they can purchase the needed drug at an adequate price. Due to the pharmacy’s active collaboration with foreign partners, drugs are distributed and delivered without any problems even to remote regions, and the choice of health and care products is impressive. Thanks to Blue Sky Drugs and its partners health issues addressing becomes possible even without spending a lot. With this pharmacy you will buy the same effective products, but without overpaying for the brand. Thousands of Americans have already estimated the convenience and reliability of the pharmacy’s services. It is evidenced by numerous positive reviews and comments that you can find on the official website.

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