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The main mission of Maple Leaf Meds is described by its creators and owners as providing reasonably priced medications to those who are not liable to medical insurance coverage. American medicine is considered to be the most expensive in the world. That is why for many Americans buying drugs at Canadian pharmacy online is the only way to get the needed drug, which is not covered by their insurance program. Fortunately today there are many of them, and maple leaf meds is one of the leaders in this sector.

The process of purchasing health and care products at mapleleafmeds(dot)com is as easy as ordering Rx medicine at your local drugstore. Though the pharmacy itself is physically located in Canada, you can receive the required drug using your ordinary prescription written off by a medical specialist in the US. According to the inner Canadian laws, prescriptions issued in the territory of the US are to be reviewed and confirmed by a Canadian specialist. This is a common practice for offline and online purchases.

Maple Leaf Meds Canadian pharmacy takes it upon itself to resolve this trouble. It processes all the incoming prescriptions and passes them to licensed Canadian specialists for signing. After that the prescriptions are filled, and the patients can order prescribed medications without any troubles. In other words, the company simplifies the entire task for end customers, who don’t want or don’t know how to contact Canadian physicians for reviewing their prescriptions.

The whole procedure of buying becomes much faster and simpler:

  • a customer chooses the required Rx drug online and makes an application via email, attaching his prescription data;
  • the pharmacy resends the prescription to one of licensed Canadian specialist (depending on the particular problem);
  • the specialist reviews the prescription and signs it up;
  • the pharmacy asks the patient to confirm his purchase, and the order is fulfilled.

Delivery of medications is done on generally accepted terms depending on the type of shipment you choose – regular airmail or express courier.

Apart from the specialists’ of the Canadian pharmacy review and confirmation of prescriptions, the company provides a standard suite of services. It provides customers’ access to the best prices for popular medicines and their analogues directly from manufacturers. Professional pharmacists give consultations to new and loyal customers and help, if necessary, to find a cheaper generic of a costly brand. Representatives of the pharmacy hold negotiations with licensed specialists on behalf of their patients. Finally, they organize delivery right to customers’ homes at favourable terms.

Popularity and high Canadian pharmacy rating allow Maple Leaf Meds be among the leaders of Canadian pharmaceutical industry for years. Today it is certainly a trusted and experienced supplier of Rx medications from Canada to the United States.


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