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Marks Marine Pharmacy (RX Canada 4 Less) is a family-run business, which has grown from a small private enterprise into a large international supplier of health&care products for over 15 years of its experience. This Canadian pharmacy is physically located in Vancouver, not far from the US border, but it distributes drugs throughout the entire territory of Canada and the USA. At the official website rxcanada4less(dot)com you can find comprehensive information about the assortment, staff, terms of shipment and so on. This brief Canadian pharmacy review contains the basic data.

The owner Rob Rosenblatt is a qualified professional pharmacist who dedicated over 40 years of his life to consulting patients. He is firmly convinced that drugs must be available to every person on the planet, and the work of a pharmacist is not just to sell a drug, but to consult, support and educate the patient. Using his vast experience and numerous acquaintances in the pharmaceutical sector, Rosenblatt does everything to make high-quality drugs cheaper.

Other specialists of RX Canada 4 Less are:

  • Jordan Rosenblatt, the CEO. He is a health consultant by profession and a manager by avocation. He coordinates the entire system, providing its smooth functioning and gives personal consultations to patients. Jordan is an expert in men’s health sphere.
  • Leilani Comacho is a qualified pharmacy technician, responsible for the Canadian sector. She is the person who provides quick processing of incoming orders. Many years of Leilani’s experience are a guarantee of highest accuracy of work.
  • Rhodora Dujon is the second pharmacy technician, responsible for the foreign sector. She’s been working in this sphere for 15 years and knows everything about drugs retailing to foreign patients.
  • Kiriti Singh is a specialist of the customer care department. It is she who accepts phone calls from customers.
  • Jeremy Comacho is a head of delivery service. He is responsible for the quickest possible orders shipment to patients. It is thanks to him the Canadian pharmacy rating is so high, as he manages to organize delivery within 48 or even 24 hours.

The Key Advantages of Marks Marine Pharmacy (RX Canada 4 Less)

Those who prefer ordering medicines in a Canadian pharmacy online, usually mention the following strong sides of rxcanada4less(dot)com:

  1. The assortment includes over 30 thousand of medications and by-products. Both original brands and generics from all countries of the world are available.
  2. Only certified drugs produced by licensed manufacturers.
  3. Worldwide coverage. Medicines can be delivered to almost any country.
  4. Three qualified medical specialists providing walk-in consultations to newcomers.
  5. Over 15 years of successful experience in the sphere of health&care products dispensing.
  6. Very affordable prices for many essential drugs including insulin, which is extremely expensive in the US. Some patients manage to save up to 80 percent on drugs with this pharmacy.

Marks Marine Pharmacy (RX Canada 4 Less) is a trusted and reliable supplier of medicine and a top choice for thousands of Americans.

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