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My Canadian Pharmacy Pro today is a prosperous company that has thousands of regular customers and works efficiently 24/7. However, when you learn more about its story, you will be astonished how much the drugstore stuff has done to “transform” it from the smallest building into the globally significant group that has only professionals in its staff. 

The true pharmacy story

The beginning of this Canadian pharmacy story dates back to 1999. That time two enthusiasts started organizing contemporary Canadian pharmacy online as the best alternative to local small drugstores, placed in brick buildings. Meanwhile, till 2003 the drugstore worked exactly as thousands of the same pharmacies located in Canada and overseas. Its physical address was Ottawa, Ontario. The store was selling prescribed medications to the patients who came to them personally. Soon the future company leaders hired enough professionals to let mycanadianpharmacypro(dot)com site to start working. The first weeks of the site beta-version work showed: the company must do everything possible to broaden its activity. The pharmacy’s staff started to ask customers to leave reviews about their work, share with specialists ideas concerning the improvement of their work. Many questions touched medications’ prices and their availability.

The first success despite of a crisis

Many of us remember 2007-2008 crisis and its awful consequences. That was the time when many companies were bankrupted. Patients preferred to save much on their health, buying cheap medications having not the best quality. My Canadian Pharmacy Pro decided to review the prices policy and reduce the costs for delivery. The company started to deal with cheap effective generics, which prices were times (!) less than the costs for many original medications manufactured by famous pharmacological companies. The company’s staff was constantly working at reducing the prices for its products. The pharmacy goal was to let any person with even the smallest budget getting the needed medication cheap and very fast. All the customers approved the best organized delivery of the orders to buyers.

Cheap generics to treat all diseases

When you read Canadian pharmacy review (any of testimonials), you will realize that that were exactly generics, which helped the company making the greatest breakthrough on the contemporary market. Thousands of men got a possibility to order generic Cialis, Levitra and Viagra anonymously. Now they could feel relaxed and stop to worry if somebody would learn about their ED

Only professionals work there

Caring about each patient, the stuff of My Canadian Pharmacy Pro consists of the best medical experts and IT specialists as well, helping them to promote the site. The company is always supported by logistics and marketing departments that care about reducing the products’ costs and making Canadian pharmacy rating higher. The company hires only thoughtful, efficient persons with positive minds and great desire to work selflessly and professionally. Each company member has the healthy lifestyle and he always ready to support any customer in his request helping him answering any questions concerning the drugstore products.

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