CanadaDrugs – IACOPh Ratings & Reviews has been operational since 2001, and it has an overwhelming database for supplying medicine to all of its subscribers. Their sentiment is generally warm towards their service. They take pride in themselves for the amazing discounts and deals on prescription medicine. They offer drugs for smoking cessation, vitamin supplements and other requirements.

They mainly ship their drugs to Canada and United States, and their shipping time is less than two weeks, which is pretty impressive. They have an effective return policy for customers. The medicines offered here are perfectly safe and have been verified by authentic organizations. They have emerged as leaders in prescription medicine. Some of the most popular prescribed medication provided by them, are Plavix (to avoid the formation of clots in blood), Protonix (a proton pump inhibitor to inhibit gastric acid secretion), Flomax (a prescription drug to prevent Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia), Zocor (controls high-level of cholesterol in the body), Nexium (to cure erosive esophagitis), Norvasc (lowers the blood pressure), Advair Diskus (cures respiratory problems such as asthma), Celebrex (helps to reduce inflammation and pain), Crestor (maintains healthy level of cholesterol), Lipitor (works on the fat cells in the blood), Propecia (treats male baldness), Singulair (for asthma treatment and curing seasonal allergy) etc.

They also provide a vast range of over the counter non-prescription medication that includes products like face mask with ear-loops, skin moist burn pads, abreva cold sore pump, tie on surgical face mask, absorbine junior liquid, accu check test strips, accu check advantage II strips, accu check aviva meter kit, accu check aviva test strips, accutrend cholesterol strips, accutrend GC monitor, acidophilus lactobacillus and so on. The site has an elaborate layout with an easy-to-use user interface. The payment options are also flexible allowing plenty of benefits for its subscribers. For more queries, we request you to contact their 24/7 toll-free number 1-800-226-3784, also their fax: 1-800-988-5440.

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