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Israel Pharm is a satellite online pharmacy of a drugstore that is located in Israel not far from Jerusalem and Tel Aviv. The company itself has been in the pharmaceutical market of Israel for more than 15 years. As for Israel Pharm satellite, it works for the US market, supplying Americans with affordable and high-grade medications produced by trusted pharma companies. It is a general store, where one can find famous brands that you know well, neighboring their more affordable analogues (generic drugs). The assortment of drugs can be compared with the assortment of any popular Canadian pharmacy online, plus some unique products of Israeli pharmaceutical industry are offered.

Distinctive features of Israel Pharm:

  • High professional standards. The pharmacy’s owners claim that they appreciate every customer. It doesn’t matter whether a patient buys health and care products at his nearest local Canadian pharmacy or online, he should feel comfortable and safe. So if a patient needs a consultation of a pharmacist, he will get it, as if he were buying at an ordinary offline drugstore.
  • Honesty. Patients trust Israel Pharm, and they have all the grounds for this. So, one of the loyal patients in his Israeli and Canadian pharmacy review writes that this is the company he trusts most. It provides the highest level of confidentiality, so patients can be sure that their personal data won’t be used illegally.
  • Transparent operation and openness. On the website of the pharmacy you will find comprehensive information of the real location of the company, its origin and of course its contacts including phone number, address and e-mail.

The staff of the Israeli pharmacy is multinational, but really united and tight-knit. The team is formed of both Israeli-born residents and migrant from different corners of the world including Australia, The US, Morocco, England, France, Algiers, and the former USSR. They have been working together for over 4 years and managed to achieve great results over this time.

Unlike any Canadian pharmacy rating of Israel Pharm is high not only because of its affordable prices. Patients choose it again and again for a really good choice of health products and professional consultations of advisors, who are sincerely devoted to their work. By the way, purchasing your Rx medications at the online pharmacy, you are not just saving money, but strengthen Israeli economics.

Most customers who make an order at israelpharm(dot)com return in some time. Almost of them mention in their reviews such advantages of the pharmacy as an excellent quality of medicines, good choice of health & care products, fast delivery and interesting bonus system. Without doubt, this company has the right to be included in the list of trusted and reliable pharmaceutical online companies.

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