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The highest quality of health and care products on sale is the source of pride of the company. The pharmacy cares of its spotless reputation and does everything to retain its customers and attract new ones. The goods are procured from trusted suppliers only, and all the medicines undergo a double quality control. Medicines supplied are manufactured in Indian facilities. The pharmacy cooperated only with trusted licensed companies, whose activity is approved by FDA in India. These are major state enterprises that act in a full compliance to Indian laws and have all the necessary documentation on hand.

The key players are two pharma companies: Pfizer Inc and CIPLA.

CIPLA Company – what is it?

CIPLA is among the oldest and the biggest drugs manufacturers of India. It’s been in the market since 1935. The key activity of CIPLA is production and sale of affordable analogs (generics) of world brands. The company’s products comply with international standards; drugs from CIPLA can be found in over 170 countries. In the US these products are sold successfully in online and offline drugstores.

Shelf life of medicines offered

For every drug, its expiry date is printed on a blister. Shelf life of different medicines differs. The detailed information you can learn when making an order.

Order-making process

The pharmacy CiplaBrandDrugs(dot)net offered both OTC and RX medicines. To order an RX drug, one needs to have a real valid prescription. Sale of medicines is executed in compliance with inner and international laws. For ordering a prescription-only product, one needs to send a scan of his/her prescription on Contact Us page at


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