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Canadian Meds USA (CMUSA) was founded in 2001 and pursued the aim to provide American citizens safe, quality, effective and at the same time affordable prescription medications. At first, it cooperated with the Canadian pharmacy that was considered one of the bests in the country. Over ten years have passed but CMUSA is still on the top. Today it co-operates with such a respectable service as TCDS. The latter is situated in Ontario, Canada. Partnering with regulated and licensed sources in a number of countries including New Zealand, the United Kingdom, Canada, the United States, India, and the European Union, TCDS delivers medications on the most profitable conditions. Exceptionally licensed and experienced pharmacists fill customers’ orders. 

Today the offices of Canadian Meds USA are situated in Littleton, Colorado while orders can be made through the official website canadianmedsusa(dot)com. This is a service that preserves the model of the original Canadian pharmacy. However, it also adds the convenience of the modern pharmacy model to serve its customers even better. Confiding in CMUSA, customers get good pricing, fixed shipping cost, and more flexibility. Through CMUSA exceptionally safe and efficient drugs are delivered to patients. 

Customers can contact the company’s service of order processing through the free-of-charge customer service telephone number 1-877-933-0505. The contracted customer service center is situated in St. Michael, Barbados.


If you wonder why prices for medication in the United States are so high, while those in Canada and all the above-mentioned countries are low, you will be surprised to learn that the US government does not control the prices for medications, while these countries do. Therefore, when you order drugs from a reputable Canadian pharmacy online you can economize on the price as much as up to 70%! Additionally, customers get more savings when ordering better-known medication

Pharmacies advise obtaining prescriptions for at least a three-month supply. The reason is that this way you will be obliged to pay for the shipping only once every three months. This does not mean you can’t order drugs of a smaller quantity. Just check the size of the package and determine how many drugs it will be expedient to get per order.


According to the Canadian pharmacy review, it becomes clear that not all medications you can buy in the USA are available in the regulated sources CMUSA uses. Moreover, the strengths of one and the same medication may differ radically. These all must be paid special attention to ordering a certain drug type from a Canadian online pharmacy

By the way, remember that it may require some time for a medication newly introduced to the US meds market to appear overseas. Additionally, no trustworthy online pharmacy included in the list of CMUSA pharmacies fills prescriptions for controlled substances and narcotics. 

Quality Plus Safety

The Canadian pharmacy rating shows that the affiliated pharmacy of Canada, as well as those of other countries, are widely known for delivering exclusively quality and safe medications. And even though they are all licensed in their countries, neither of them has a license in the United States.

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