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Health Warehouse (OTCBQ: HEWA) is US only Official Web Drug Store Practice Sites (VIPPs) and Vet-VIPPs commissioned online and online-order pharmacy officially authorized in 50 states, that has headquartered in the Cincinnati city.

This Canadian pharmacy concentrated on expanding of prescription pharmacy market, having the aim to ensure each American with reasonable priced medical products. The advantage of our pharmacy is the fact we provide each client with personal service. Our highly professional staff ensures first class service for the customers to satisfy their needs. Each of our medical products, prescription medicaments and other pharmaceutical goods are verified for selling all over the US. Moreover, at our pharmacy it is possible to buy not only medical products for humans but also veterinarian preparations for pets.

Canadian pharmacy staff

Each employee of Canadian pharmacy online team is highly experienced and well-prepared pharmacists with good experience in this sphere. This pharmaceutical team aimed to provide the assistance to the patients ensuring them with high quality of life by qualified medical products, personal consultations, good pharmaceutical education and abidance of all the standards of pharmacology.

In addition, healthwarehouse(dot)com has a rather experienced staff of technicians and reliable client service who always ready to satisfy all needs of the customers. Each of this pharmacy technician has a special national education in this sphere that is verified by Pharmacy Technician Certification Board. Staff of client service are also were licensed via Kentucky Board of Pharmacy.

Through cooperative work, the team of the service closely connected with clients and their doctors to provide 100 percentage of safety, to give high-level care and reliable service.

How this service saves each client’s money

Focusing on technology and service, Health Warehouse is able to decrease some spending between the producer and customer. Pharmacy patented software makes it possible to process medical products in more effective and more affordable way. This drug store doesn’t have to pay significant overheads as each common pharmacy does and also there is no need pricing higher costs for prescription drug to ensure insurance reimbursements. Consequently, all this gives an opportunity to keep much lower prices providing the customers with a rather affordable medicaments for health care.

This contemporary Canadian pharmacy is 28,000 square foot sized and serves more than 500,000 of clients. The convenient location of the Health Warehouse in the Greater Cincinnati city in Northern Kentucky allows supplying medical products to more than 80% of customers within a couple of days.

Canadian pharmacy review shows this place is the best choice for purchasing any medicament in the most rapid and convenient way.

Canadian pharmacy rating is high enough to prove to the new customers this store is worthy choice for anyone!

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