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If you compare the prices for medications in various drugstores and online pharmacies, you will see that they differ so greatly, that one pack of pills can cost $100 or $20 even. Naturally, everybody is interested in buying the cheaper stuff, but how to find it?


GoodRX help

GoodRX is the site that collects all the information concerning medications costs and places where you can get them at Visiting this resource, you will meet there the latest data about products for health and their prices. It will be enough to type the name of the product you need in the Search line, and in a second you will see the list of the pharmacies that offer it.

For instance, you are seeking for Viagra Professional best price. Type its name in the Search field, and you will see that it is available for $354 —$370. In case you need something cheaper, get free coupon on the site. Use it for the prescriptions given to any member of your family. Remember also that some drugstores do not accept these coupons and do not make discounts for the products for pets (for instance, Wal-Mart pharmacy).


GoodRX has already collected the information about the products that are available on sale in more than 70 thousand pharmacies located in the USA. This data and the list of these drugstores is regularly checked and updated.


Using GoodRX, patients save up to $276 annually! The more medications you find at, the bigger will be the sum of the money you save.


The high reputation of GoodRX is explained easily. It is 100% free. You should not register on the site and leave your personal information. Over 140 thousand of doctors do recommend this service as the most reliable one. You can find there all drugstores that only exist in the USA! Their total amount exceeds 600,000! The New York Times regularly places news about GoodRX as well as Wall Street Journal. The site with its service has got the highest 5-stars rating.

Free coupons

The coupons that are offered at this site are printable. If you do not have an access to a printer, send this coupon to your email address or use text message to send it to your phone. Using coupons you might save up to 80%. No one insurance will offer such great coverings.


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