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AffordableRx is in the list of trustworthy online (mail order) pharmacies from Canada. Its main feature is concentrating on cost-containment. Much attention, according to patients’ reviews, is also paid to safety. The Canadian pharmacy offers both prescription drugs and over the counter medicines. Also, in affordablerx(dot)com one can find health and care products from world-known brands and cheap generic options. Generics are supplied directly from manufacturers; all of them have Certificates of drug analysis.

Prices for medicines in Affordable Rx are lower than average prices offered by Canadian and US offline pharmacies. If we compare it with other online pharmacies, it is on a par with many of them. At the same time, this Canadian pharmacy online can offer the best price for certain groups of products, as the drugs are bought directly from pharmaceutical plants, and the turnover is constantly growing. Moreover, the pharmacy has special hot offers for loyal customers. If you need a drug for a regular basis, AffordableRx provides a real chance to save on your prescription.

One more feature of the pharmacy is its own order tracking technology, which provides the quickest and the cheapest possible processing of orders. In practice it means that your order won’t be lost, and you will get exactly the product that you need in a pre-arranged time. Delivery terms are standard. There are two options of shipment available – regular airmail and express courier. In case of any problems with delivery, a customer can contact the support service and get an answer of where his order is at the moments.

Other advantages of the drugstore mentioned in the Canadian pharmacy review by customers include:

  • A broad variety of solutions in different price categories. A possibility to choose between a familiar brand and its analogues with the description of each option.
  • Professional consultations. If you are not sure of what to buy or how to apply this or that product, you can consult a qualified advisor.
  • Quick processing of orders. It becomes possible due to above-mentioned order tracking system.
  • In average, prices are lower than in the majority of brick-and-mortal drugstores. Some medications are substantially cheaper.
  • Availability of generics that you won’t find in usual pharmacies. A lot of generics are not approved by FDA, but they are successfully used in other countries. The only real way to obtain them is online.
  • Flexible systems of bonuses and discounts for the best customers (for registered users only).
  • Opportunity of anonymous buying.

In general, the Canadian pharmacy rating is high, according to both customer reviews and expert estimates. Affordable Rx is a reliable and trusted place for legal buying of a variety of health and care products at moderate prices.

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