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An online visit to CanDrugstore can save you up to 29% of the money you usually spend for buying a variety of medications and products for health. Those patients, who use Medicare also state that this pharmacy helps them paying 50% for drugs used to cure female problems, ED, depression, fever and other diseases.

Canadian Drugstore Advantages


CanDrugstore (its location is British Columbia, Surrey) deals only with the best quality stuff that is on sale in other pharmacies, known worldwide. Here any patient can get its prescribed medication and pay for it less.

For instance, here you will pay for Lipitor (the medication to regulate blood cholesterol) only $27.95 — in regular pharmacy its price reaches $242!

Naturally, low prices of this drugstore are never associated with poor quality of the products the company sells. Ordering medications here, you get absolutely great drugs that can save your life and improve your health. This pharmacy has a very good reputation, and many thousands of women and men that once bought pills there started to use its services regularly.


Visiting My Canadian Drug Store site, you can easily find there everything that is needed for health improvement. Pets’ owners can also order there the products (vitamins, tablets, and stuff for fleas’ control) for their dogs and cats.

Besides prescribed medications, the site visitors always have a unique chance to get there OTC products. These are various high quality Canadian creams and lotions for skin and hair care, powder for babies, supplies for diabetics, weigh control stuff, medications for females’ health, birth control pills and whatnot. As in case with prescribed drugs, prices for OTC health units is very low.

Discounts and deals

CanDrugstore regularly offers its customers hot deals: the pharmacy often sell popular medications for discounted prices. The list of great deals is published on the main page of the site ( Visit it, and you will manage to save really much at the products you need for improving your health.

International activities

CanDrugstore com cooperates with the drugstores located overseas. It sells and ships medications, pets’ and health products to the USA, Turkey, New Zealand, Mauritius, Singapore, Canada and other countries. The Canadian Pharmacy has special centers there that offer the same prices that the pharmacy located in Surrey (British Columbia) offers.


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