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Unlike many drugstores and online pharmacies, HB pharmacy is a very friendly institution that meets patients and customers personally. Opened more than 50 years ago, in 1964, it is still loved by people, who need getting their medications urgently and in any weather. 

With opened warm hearts

This New York pharmacy stuff consists of professionals, who started their career years ago. However, despite its age and “classic” attitude to its work, the drugstore practices also the modern methods of contacting with patients, being in touch with them, delivering buyers the needed drugs and providing great discounts for clients, using the drugstore services often or ordering medications in bulk.

Working 24/7, this family pharmacy that follows the best traditions of its first leader, Gaspar G. Bellitti, quickly refills in prescriptions, answers the buyers’ questions concerning new medications and their generics, offers free delivery of the chosen health products to Kearny, North Arlington and Lyndhurst.

Personally compounded medications

Some patients cannot use their prescribed drugs in manufactured forms offered by most drugstores. For instance, a person that meets problems with swallowing cannot ever take pills and tablets, even when he needs this stuff to survive. H&B Pharmacy pharmacists prepare unique medications for these customers individually. These specialists change the drug’s dosage, making it perfect for an infant or vice versa, for a patient with a big body mass. Those ones, who suffer from allergies or cannot use sugar, gluten and some elements that are often added to usual tablets are provided personally compounded pills and medications in powder, syrup or gel. Children get needed medications with fruit and berries flavors. This friendly to each visitor Canadian Neighbor Pharmacy can even offer a patient to compound for him the needed drug that is not more manufactured. Only the best pharmacists, specialists in chemistry and medical experts work there. Thus, they compound the needed medications easily and in an exact dosage. Moreover, the patient that needs a certain individually compounded medication can get also a personal consultation and recommendations there.

The best pharmacy services

Besides selling commercially manufactured ready-made drugs and personally compounded medications, this drugstore offers certain additional services to all patients. Visiting hbpharmacy.com (H&B Pharmacy for buying Viagra or Cialis), you can read in details about the possibility of health products’ free delivery and convenient overnight shipping. The pharmacy’s customers can go through a professional screening to check for their cholesterol level. People with diabetes also get a special monthly care.

The other services also include:

  • Prescriptions shipping;
  • Getting cheaper health care products;
  • Getting unique gift specially wrapped for an occasion;
  • Getting the answers on the questions concerning all health products;
  • Saving with online pharmacy coupons.

The work of the drugstore resembles warm relationships in a good family. Each specialist working there knows the history of every patient.

Pharmacists remember about their clients’ diseases, allergies (if patients suffer from them), needs and wishes.